Get Sexy Arms with CoolSculpting

Both women and men want sexy toned arms — and are willing to spend many hours in the gym to get them. Sometimes, though, exercise is just not enough. No matter how much you work out, your arms might still not look exactly the way you want them to.

CoolSculpting for Upper Arms

Now there’s a new solution for people who want sexier upper arms. The good news is that you can have the arms of your dreams with the help of CoolSculpting, a cutting-edge treatment that freezes your fat away. Unlike dieting, which only shrinks your fat cells and leaves them there, where they can expand again later, CoolSculpting is a fast, non-invasive procedure that gets rid of your fat cells for good.

CoolSculpting Is Easy and Fast

CoolSculpting won’t get in the way of your busy schedule. In fact, CoolSculpting treatments for arms take even less time than those for thighs and bellies. Your arm treatment can take as little as 35 minutes. Then, when you’re done, you can go right back to whatever you were doing. At New Image Body Sculpting in Glendale, CA, those 35 minutes will fly by as you relax in our beautiful, calm Zen-like offices.

How Does It Work?

CoolSculpting works because fat cells are more sensitive to cold than skin cells and other tissue cells. So when you go for a CoolSculpting treatment, a cool pad will be placed on your arm. The coolness will destroy the sensitive fat cells, while doing no harm to any other cells in your arm. Then your body will take over and eliminate the destroyed fat cells in a natural process using your lymphatic system. Once those fat cells are gone, they are gone forever.

You Will Love Your New Arms

Imagine walking down the beach, proud to show off your sexy toned arms. If you’re a woman, you can wear a sleeveless dress and have the confidence of knowing your arms look amazing. If you’re a guy, you can show off all that hard work at the gym with greater muscle definition than before. This could be happening for you very soon.


Just get in touch with us at New Image Body Sculpting, the place to go for body sculpting in the Glendale, CA area. Call us at (818) 522-7193 to get started. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you will have the arms you’ve always wanted.

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