CoolSculpting Treatment: The Science and the Results

So you exercise and watch what you eat. You lift weights like you’re supposed to, take your supplements, drink your bone broth and get eight hours of sleep every night. What are you doing wrong, then? Why aren’t you seeing the results you want? The answer could be that lingering fat cells in your trouble spots just need a little help.


Enter CoolSculpting, the revolutionary technology that uses targeted low temperatures to cause fat cell death and bring out a better, slimmer you.


Can Low Temperatures Really Affect Fat Loss?


Why yes, they can. Science has proven that fat cells will die off in response to cold considerably sooner than normal skin cells or other bodily tissues. This allows doctors to target fat cells using low temperatures, causing them to undergo cell death while leaving surrounding structures unaffected.


The process works via paddles that apply cold suction to different parts of your body. The paddles come in four different sizes, allowing doctors to target various areas, from the stomach to love handles to bra bulge. It was officially approved by the FD in 2010, and since then has proven a very effective, noninvasive technique to combat trouble spots.


What Does CoolSculpting Technology Mean for You?


Note that the keyword here is “trouble spots.” As opposed to liposuction, which removes a great deal of fat at one time, CoolSculpting helps you deal with those leftover frustrating areas that aren’t as firm as they could be. While it can’t deal with the volumes of fat that liposuction can, sculpting body results are very noticeable in smaller areas. And also unlike liposuction, no cutting or invasion is required.


While the process is mildly uncomfortable, the most you’ll notice is a sense of sucking and cold, which eventually makes the affected body parts go numb for the remainder of the treatment. It is safe and effective, but note: It does require that you maintain a diet and exercise regimen to back up the sessions – of which most people do several rounds.


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