Get Rid of Neck Fat for Good!  

What can you do about neck fat? Do you have to resign yourself to wearing turtlenecks and scarves year round? There are some things you can try by yourself that might help a bit. For best results, though, consider CoolSculpting, a safe and effective procedure that will get rid of your neck fat for good. Can Exercise Get Rid

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These Celebrities Are Embracing CoolSculpting and You Should Too

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive technique to shape your figure. It uses cooling technology to freeze fat cells that exist underneath the skin. Over time, these fat cells expire and the body eliminates them. This body sculpting technique has come to the attention of celebrities such as Debra Messing, Khloe Kardashian, Molly Sims and Gretchen Rossi. When celebrities use a new

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Cycle to Work for Weight Loss

Join Americans across the country on May 19, 2017 for National Bike to Work Day. Not only does cycling to work reduce the stress on the environment, it also helps to reduce weight and your personal stress. According to the League of American Bicyclists, most commutes and trips to the store or financial institution are less than 2 miles from home.

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How to Spring Clean Your Diet

With the cold weather and limited day light, winter is often a time of hibernation. Hibernation brings more hours on the couch indulging in your favorite foods. If you are looking to shed some post-holiday weight, it is time to Spring clean your diet and ease yourself into the warm weather. If this sounds daunting, break it down into a

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